Tesettür - Patterned Triple Team 11 Bls6900

Patterned Triple Team 11 Bls6900

179.90TL99.90 TL


Our Special Suggestions

Fabric Feature:ProductLycra camisole halffabric is manufactured from..

product size :Cardigan: 120 cm. - Tunic: 90 cm. - Pants: 100 cm.

product feature :URuthe 4 Seasons In N can be used. Tunic arm is zero, the pants, the waist is elastic. Product cardigan, tunic, and trousers in 3 parts as given.

Model Measurements

Size : 1.68 (Shoeless)

Breast : 87

Waist : 67

Hips : 95

the product on a model L=40/42 body.

note :Product patternorder your own size and an exact mold is recommended.

Product colors, because of subtle tonal concept shots can be the difference.

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