Tesettür - Embroidered Evening dresses Khaki Liy20020

Embroidered Evening dresses Khaki Liy20020

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Fast Delivery : 03.06.2020

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Fabric Feature:Product is manufactured from lycra fabric-half chiffon. In the inner part of fine-combed cotton satin lining features.

product size :160 cm.

product feature : evening dresses four seasons can be used in the product product since. Fermuarli is from the rear and one button. Features lining inside.
Model Measurements

- Size : 1.65 (Shoeless)

Chest : 89

Waist : 70

Hips : 93

body is the product on a model 38.

note :Product patternorder your own size and an exact mold is recommended.

Product colors, because of subtle tonal concept shots can be the difference.

this product change in a period of 24 hours. Product product because it is an evening dress to change after you get the product at the latest 24 hoursyou will need to send shipping and received within us.

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